Mission Statement
Design, implement and replicate models for sustainable development for children within at-risk populations based on intensive needs assessment.
Upcoming Projects

Community Empowerment Department
Income Generation
/ Micro Finance
Economic advancement plays a key role in creating a positive mood in the environment and providing incentives for those living in the community to become involved in their own development. Studies have proven a correlation between feelings of confidence and hope with progress of economic welfare. In recognition of this reality the Public Advocacy Program has ensured that income generation opportunities on a community level exist with in all ‘Initiative’s launched. Further details regarding these opportunities can be found under Community Based Organization (CBO’s), data collection, Mother Child Healthcare and Mental Health efforts falling under Public Advocacy.

Community Based Organizations (CBO’s)
The formulation of Community Based Organizations will take place in ‘Machar Colony’ as a formal endeavor to organize the community to adopt the ideals of participatory democracy. It will present a forum on which community members will interact with one another in a formal setting, for the pursuit of a common agenda. The Program expects that structured community organization will develop leadership skills and create a susceptible setting for social change. It will give members an opportunity to seek accountability from elected officials on a provincial and federal level. CBO’s are the fundamental agents in the effective execution of petitioning, lobbying and overall advocacy with in electoral politics.

As apart of CFC’s Community Driven Development Project (CDDP), Community Awareness Meetings are being held on a weekly basis in different locations through out the Colony. Experiences during these meetings have revealed a therapeutic practice in which members of the community indulge in dialogue about the social, political and economic issues plaguing the community. These meetings have allowed CFC to witness the resident’s desire to work towards their own rights and to become politically involved for the forward movement of their community. However, at both male and female meetings it became obvious that the resident’s desires and passions would have to be guided by a structured framework. The CBO will provide the structured framework and assist in remaining focused on issues that need to be advocated. The upcoming year will concentrate on property/land rights and healthcare. Healthcare will be limited to the scopes of Mother Child Healthcare, Mental Health and Special Education. These issues have been identified through dialogue taking place during the Community Awareness Meeting and other channels of data collection.

The Public Advocacy Healthcare Department comprises of three ‘Initiatives’; Special Education; Mental Health and Mother Child Healthcare. Every ‘Initiative’ will have a documentary focusing on concerns related to each one of the ‘Initiatives’. The audience for these documentaries will first be the residents of ‘Machar Colony’ and based on their reaction will be taken to other katchi abadis for viewing. All documentaries will be in Urdu and have English sub-titles Members of the community will become informed of the policies set in place and given guidance on how to participate in their successful implementation. The program has avoided inclinations towards one comprehensive document encompassing all ‘Departments’ and ‘Initiatives’ in light of its audience. The Program desires to stream line the interests of those living in the community. Documentaries will be shown to members of the CBO’s in accordance to the group’s point of concentration, for instance Mother Child Health.

Community Driven Development Education Initiative: “Project Kitab”
CFC is looking for funds to launch the education initiative which will provide infrastructure support to atleast 3 schools in the community to develope into "model small schools". This project entails construction, provision of school supplies and teacher training, as well as consistent follow up.

Baby Immunization Campaign
In order to form linkages between the Community and the government by inviting Expanded Program of Immunization (EPI) for vaccinations of all new births in Machar Colony CFC will incorporate the EPI into the Healthcare Initiative and provide them with a base at CFC's Mother Child Health Clinic through CFC's Public Advocacy Program. The government of Pakistan currently has this immunization program in place under which free select vaccines are provided to babies under the age of 1 year. These vaccines are provided to established Para-medical clinics and are distributed through the township. These free vaccines include: BCG (Bacilles Calmette-Guerin) - for tuberculosis (TB), Oral Polio Vaccination, DPT (Diphtheria Pertusis Tetanus) and Hepatitis B. Some of these vaccines are costly and unfortunately anyone over the age of 1 year will not receive these vaccinations for free.

In order to reach and vaccinate as many babies as possible, and ensure this is an on-going service in the community, CFC will conduct regular community mobilization and awareness raising efforts regarding vaccinations during the first year of a child's birth. This will ensure extensive coverage of the project and will reflect the diverse population currently residing in the Colony.

This is part of a larger holistic campaign to educate the people of Mohammadi Colony on proper healthcare procedures and practices and to empower them with the ability to make healthy decisions about their own lives.

Garbage is Gold
Sanitation in Machar Colony is an undisputed problem which affects the lives of every resident in the Colony.To create awareness in Mohammadi Colony about the necessity of good sanitation and the health benefits of living in a clean environment. CFC hold formal meetings regarding sanitation conditions in Machar Colony with Colony Councilmen.

CFC is also collaborating with, an organization that has been running a Safai Bank which buys garbage from individuals CFC aims for a six-month initial clean-up drive through an income generation scheme. This would involve training a selected number of residents to collect and separate the different components of solid waste. The residents would be paid a certain amount for every pound of separated recyclable waste.

Peer Counselling
CFC hopes to train women from the community in basic counselling skills to enable them to provide mental health support to peers. This will be a replication of a successful project developed through AKULT Community Health Sciences.

Mobile Healthcare
Mobile Healthcare was introduced to the Healthcare in 2005. Mobile clinic are present in selected schools within Mohammadi Colony for six days a week. Mobile Healthcare was introduced to the Healthcare in 2005. The facilities mobile clinics in selected schools within Mohammadi Colony for five days a week.. It provides approximately 1100 students with free medical services and health education on a monthly basis. Similar to the MCH, CFC’s community doctor maintains a personal medical history profile for all students that participate in the program. During the doctor’s visits he/she provides a variation of medical services: health education, treatment, medication, referrals, etcetera. The doctor is hence in a position to detect illnesses that would otherwise be ignored. The doctor/s not only provides free medication to students, but inform the student the reasons behind his/her medical condition. The information given to the student about healthcare is as vital to the program as the physical evaluation aspect of the program. Weekly visits ensure that the health conditions of the student body continues to improve and information provided by the doctor is reinforced.

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