Mission Statement
Design, implement and replicate models for sustainable development for children within at-risk populations based on intensive needs assessment.
Upcoming Projects

Public Advocacy
In line with its strategic goals, CFC will launch the advocacy component of its program in late 2006-early 2007. CFC will begin its advocacy practice/s with the land lease issue for the squatter settlement of Machar Colony and public health concerns in this community. In the long term, CFC aims to establish itself as an institution for public advocacy/policy, lending its service provision projects as laboratories for policy researchers/makers.

Community Driven Development Education Initiative: “Project Kitab”
The success of CFC's Healthcare Project in Mohammadi (Machar Colony) has opened the doors to the second phase of the Community Driven Development initiative. The objective of the second phase is to launch an Education Project that will empower and capacity- build for prevalent academic institutions in the community. The Project Kitab aims to provide teacher training, syllabus review, furniture for the classrooms, materials and supervision in designated schools of the community. An Education Coordinator will be hired by CFC and will be required to execute attendance policies, sick leave, and continuous academic performance supervision. Ultimately, the Education Coordinator will aim to empower the schools where they will be in a position to provide a respectable standard of education to individuals in the community.

A one-year calendar will be designed to illustrate awareness raising activities, teacher and administration workshops that will be held throughout the year in assisting the schools to improve their standards. The project will give particular focus to English language skills and computer literacy efforts in the curriculum. The project will initially be launched at schools that are already receiving Mobile Healthcare and that have established strong ties with CFC. Once the Education Coordinator for the project illustrates and finalizes a model in which objectives are most effectively achieved based on the ten schools with Mobile Healthcare it will then be replicated throughout Mohammadi Colony. A long term vision for the organization is to have the project run nationwide.

A Collaborative Efforts Pilot Project in Mohammadi Colony- Building a Model for Sustainable Community Driven Development
CFC has embarked on a collaborative effort with various NGOs from Sindh to develop a model for sustainable community driven development in Mohammadi Colony. These organizations will collaborate to address the human rights violation issues within Mohammadi Colony via advocacy, capacity building and service delivery within their own area/s of specialization. This pilot project will be held in effort to provide clean drinking water, improved sanitary conditions, information and services on reproductive and sexual heath, increased literacy rates, healthcare, vocational training, child rights and advocacy for land lease, for a community of over 700,000 individuals. The first three year phase of this ten year project will focus on each aspect of healthcare: healthcare (awareness, education, outreach and service provision) education and clean drinking water. This project will serve as a research tool for future community development projects, in line with CFC's mission: to design, implement and replicate models for sustainable development.

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Following CFC's consistent involvement in Azad Jammu Kashmir following the October 2005 earthquake, on June 1, 2006 Concern for Children Trust opened the doors of its Kashmir office.
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