Mission Statement
Design, implement and replicate models for sustainable development for children within at-risk populations based on intensive needs assessment.

An Education Development Program


Project Kitab is a community driven developmental project (CDDP) which is designed towards long term capacity building of Machar Colony schools, one of the largest slums in Karachi, with a population of almost 200,000 children of school going age.

There are currently 35 small 'private' schools in Machar Colony catering to the area's 200,000 students. Most schools suffer from terrible infrastructural issues, lack of ventilation, sanitation and lighting. Additionally, schools are staffed by teachers with limited education and access to teaching aids; hence violence is often utilized as a means of control. As a result of these short comings, the drop out rate is extremely high.

Kitab Schools are based on the philosophy of Community Empowerment, Engaging the community to become stakeholders and take ownership of social developmental projects through facilitation (infrastructural uplift and provision of books) and introducing interventions (teachers training and administrative support) that are self-sustainable in the long run enable low income community schools to provide quality education in a physical environment that is conducive to learning.

For long term viability CFC has established benchmarks that can be sustained and replicated without large scale outside funding.

Introducing subsidized teacher training, an affordable and improved syllabus in terms of authenticity and clarity of content, monitoring the interventions and remaining engaged for a minimum period of 2 years.

To support this project please make cheques payable to "Concern For Children Trust."

Project Kitab Donors

CFC Bank Account Information

Title of Account Concern for Children Trust
Account Number 08-7277-695-38
Bank Name Standard Chartered bank Karachi, Pakistan

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