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Design, implement and replicate models for sustainable development for children within at-risk populations based on intensive needs assessment.

Concern for Children Trust is proud to announce the ultrasound facility at Mother & Child Healthcare Clinic in Machar Colony. This initiative has been solely supported by Lucky Cement and Mr. Syed Nauman Hassan the Chief Operating Officer of Lucky Cement performed the inauguration ceremony on Tuesday August 9, 2011.

The average age of a first-time mother in Machar colony typically ranges between 15 to 18 years. Additionally women in this community have very limited access to education and very little is known about vital preventative prenatal care.  On an average, a woman in this area will have five live births and up to eight pregnancies. With limited resources for healthy eating, each pregnancy will take a marked toll on the mother and on the development of the baby.

Women in Machar colony have limited access to hospitals outside the colony in part because they can not afford the travel costs. There are also cultural issues of “Pardah” which means that many women are reluctant to visit places outside the community. CFC’s Mother and Child Health Care Center is the only one in an area of 750,000 people that has a qualified Doctor and Lady Health Visitor.

All pregnant women should have at least four antenatal care (ANC) assessments by or under the supervision of a skilled attendant. These should, as a minimum, include all the interventions outlined in the new WHO antenatal care model and be spaced at regular intervals throughout pregnancy, commencing as early as possible in the first trimester.

The main objectives of introducing ultrasound facility are to prevent, alleviate or manage health problems/diseases (including those directly related to pregnancy). Provide women and their families with appropriate information and advice for a healthy pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal recovery, and including care of the newborn. Confirm the pregnancy and its location: Sometimes the embryos can develop in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus. It helps to detect tubal pregnancy. To evaluate the baby's growth.

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